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Madison Johnson (Verified customer)

I used to always use physical paper planners but now that I use my iPad for everything, it’s easier to have a digital planner so that it’s always with me. This planner has everything I need for daily, weekly, and monthly planning and I love that it is customizable! Easy to upload into Notability and all the hyperlinks are easy to navigate. Highly recommend!


Emma Rodriguez (Verified customer)

This is making me the person I want to be 😂 Everyone searching for the perfect planner, stop where you are cause this is it. You want meal planning pages? Done. Budget tools? Done. Weekly/daily/monthly layouts? Done!!! All in an intuitive system (with included video tutorials). There are digital stickers! This satisfies those planner/bujo itches without the pesky annoyances of paper. You mess up ? No worries ! To those who make beautiful, inspiring planner/journal layouts with scraps & washi tape I stand & applaud. For the rest of us plebes, with hundreds of dollars worth of unused notebooks/stickers/pens - this is your solution! Seriously there are even reading trackers & I was able to add the book cover(!) to the shelf with my star reviews. Now, if you‘ll excuse me, I need to drink some green water & take a hot girl walk.


Avery Thompson (Verified customer)

This is my first time with a digital planner, and I absolutely love it. I like the fact that you can customize to fit your needs, I always needed a more structured planner, which is hard to find in a physical planner. Plus, adding stickers and being able to doodle makes it feel like more of an activity, which helps me stay motivated to keep using it. The seller was super helpful and the planner was really easy to set up once I watched the video. 10/10 would recommend!


Chloe Davis (Verified customer)

I haven't done much with this yet, but I 'm pleased with what I've used so far. The quality is good, and the product behaves as expected. I'm using the Goodnotes app, and it works well and was easy to download. The instructional videos are also helpful. Additionally, Jade has been in touch and offered assistance when needed. They also sent me a notepad and notebook to use.


Taylor Martin (Verified customer)

I have been looking for a digital planner that meets all my needs for the longest. I prefer bullet journaling because I get to customize my planner exactly how I like it. But bullet journaling takes so much time to create the pages so I changed to digital planning. The planners I used in the past weren’t to my likings. But this planner is the perfect definition of me! I love how I can customize it how I want it to be. Already started going through the 2023 planner but can’t wait to start planning for January!


Isabella Hernandez (Verified customer)


I've been using a variety of digital tools and planners for many years. The PlannersCollective planning tool is the best I have found. It's comprehensive, yet simple. Very intuitive and easy to use. Great value as well, highly recommended! UPDATE: Grace has gone way above and beyond in helping me get her planners working well and fully utilized in my planning routine. I can't say enough about her customer service and desire for her customers to get the full value from her products. She's the best!!


Savannah Wright (Verified customer)


I love this pdf organizer. I cannot imagine the amount of time it took to create it! I am using Good Notes on my Mac Airbook and on my iPad. I just bought this last night so I am still in the learning curve. My first challenge was creating recurrent events on the calendar. I ended up typing in one, then drawing a line down for the time slot. Then I lasso'd the entry. Cut and pasted it to the other dates. It takes a little more time, but I love all the organizer


Mia Ramirez (Verified customer)


This is a beautiful planner, and the dedication and hard work is very apparent. I am so excited to finally switch over to digital planners! The stickers, color schemes, and easy customization is really awesome in this planner!


Harper Williams (Verified customer)


How did I manage before without a digital planner? Because this planner has really changed my whole life! It is one of the most well-designed, comprehensive and insightful technology devices I have ever encountered. 


Lily Nguyen (Verified customer)


I got this planner as I am a medical student, and as much as I love using a physical planner, I spend majority of time writing notes on my tablet. The ability to upload this right into my GoodNotes app and have it tabbed beside my notes and so accessible during class made my life a million times easier. This planner is also so easy to use with the hyperlinks, and has so many customizable options to make it exactly the way I want it. It's completely user friendly and works with all different stickers and packs that you may already have, making it really easy to make it entirely your own. Will definitely be using this for all my upcoming school years! :)